Fender Piano Care Kit

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Fender Piano Care Kit

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Fender Piano Care Kit
For over 100 years, Meguiar's has been formulating and producing products for fine furniture. This vast experience has allowed for a truly unique line of care products just for your piano!
Upright, grand, player… regardless of the type, maintaining the luster and glow of your piano is easily achieved with the premium products found in this kit.
Each kit contains three 8 ounce bottles. One each of Radiance, Luminescent and Opulent polish and a polishing pad.
Radiance: The ultimate in periodic instrument care. Radiance Finish Reflections is the ideal companion product for a periodic touch-up when increased clarity and protection is desired. Its unique formulation is specifically designed for those who demand the ultimate reflections and care of their delicate instrument. Use Finish Reflections occasionally to enhance the overall appearance and protection of your instrument's finish.
Opulent Preservation Spray: For frequent pampering of your valued investment. Opulent Preservation Spray is designed to enhance and beautify the natural glow of your instrument's finish. Frequent use will ensure a timeless quality to any heirloom by safely and effectively removing contaminants such as light dust, fingerprints and smudges which may prematurely damage your piano's keys and finish. This unique formula will also safely clean both acrylic and ivory piano keys without disturbing their natural feel. Preservation Spray's high-lubricity formula contains no harmful ingredients, thus allowing for continual and regular maintenance.
Luminescent Finish Clarifier: Gently purifies and protects to reveal your instrument's individual and unique finish characteristics. Our exquisite formulation is ideal for restoring and polishing your prized possession. It removes fine scratches, stains and swirls for unsurpassed clarity and glow in satin finish pieces and amazing gloss and depth on hard to manage high-gloss lacquer finishes. Additonally, Finish Clarifier provides exceptional protection against harmful elements for true piece of mind.
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