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Choosing a Moving Company for your Piano

It is no small task to relocate a piano. While the process is not quite as precarious as the Saturday-morning cartoons would have us believe, you still need to put a lot of thought and care into moving such a delicate and expensive instrument.

Hire the right people.
In most cases, you will be better off hiring a professional moving service to ensure your piano arrives at its destination free from damage. Choosing a piano moving company, however, presents an additional challenge. In order to be certain that you choose the very best company for the job, consider these tips:

Compare costs and value.
A moving company should be able to give you an accurate estimate as long as you provide the correct information. Be sure to ask what services and guarantees are included in the quoted price. Watch out for low estimates. They tend to rise later when extra, unexpected costs are added.

Ask about insurance coverage.
Keep in mind moving companies insurance covers only 60 cents per pound to meet legal requirements. For an expensive piano, consider additional insurance, either through the moving company or via an insurance broker.

Be a smart buyer.
If you are buying a new piano, discuss options with your sales representative. Many piano retailers have relationships with moving companies and can get you the best rates.

Know your piano and its needs.
The moving company will need to know the piano model and size (the height for an upright piano and the length for a grand piano). What size are the doors? Are there stairs? How many stairs? Is there an elevator that can accommodate your piano?

Make sure the company you choose brings the proper equipment.
They should have padding to avoid scratches and dents during the moving process and a piano dolly or board. Ask whether the moving truck has climate control and air-ride suspension, especially if your piano is moving a long distance.

Consider general moving companies with experience.
While not all moving companies have experience with heavy and sensitive instruments like pianos, some will have the specialist knowledge needed to relocate your piano safely. This can be a cost-effective choice, especially when you are moving other belongings as well.

Make sure to ask the moving company if they have any questions or needs. If you have specific questions or concerns, ask them.

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